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Community Partners and Advisors:

Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada

Watari (Vancouver)

Yarrow Society (Vancouver)

CoFood Vancouver

ASK* (Ask for a better world)

How Water Remembers (project by LAIWAN)

Mesh Network and Community Projects:

NYC Mesh

Seattle Community Network

Detroit Community Technology Project

Careful Industries (UK)

Toronto Mesh

Galiano Net

Guifi Net (Spain)

DWebYVR (Vancouver)

CooLab (Brazil)

CoSocial Community Cooperative (Vancouver)

Tech and other resources:

Detroit Digital Justice Coalition

Cascadia Design’s Network 101

Internet Society Foundation


Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Creative Commons

Decode project

Decentralized Web Summit

Human Data Commons Foundation (HDC)

reBOOT Canada

Relevant reading and background:

Imagining new systems of exchange: a publication documenting a number of the conversations that took place across my research fellowship with the aim of finding and asking questions situated around the abstraction of exchange. We need new models of approach now—this project wonders how we might find alternative systems which are more caring and more just (to both human and non-human relations), and how we might spread these ideas outward into the public sphere as a way of contributing to their collective visualization.

How the Internet Works (a quick guide by Mozilla)

How the Internet Works in 5 minutes (video)

Community Networking Toolkit (Seattle Community Network – SCN) – a toolkit/resource guide for anyone interested in starting up their own community network.

Your Technology Is Tracking You. Take These Steps For Better Online Privacy (by Laurel Wamsley for NPR)

Mozilla’s Data Futures Lab

Decentralized Web of Care

Winning Back the Internet by Building Your Own (Tech Learning Collective on ROAR Magazine)

Imagining Relational Infrastructures (Kenneth Bailey and Keller Easterling in Non-Profit Quarterly)

How to Start a Community Network (NYC Mesh)

Neighborhood Network Construction Kit – Guidelines for Mesh Networks (Allied Media/Detroit Community Technology Project)

Commotion Construction Kit (Commotion Wireless)

How to Build a Mesh Network (